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What Sleeping in Makeup Does to Your Skin

You’re tired. Your eyelids are closing against your will. You are considering sleeping in your clothes. Your comfy bed is just waiting for you to crash into it and pass out until morning. But stop right there! It is time to wash off your makeup. Naked skin is happy skin. When you religiously scrub off the day’s grime, you will ward off an early onset of spots, wrinkles and sagging.

But for most of us, it is an all-too familiar scenario—sleeping in makeup and skipping that whole skin care routine because the bed was calling your name. Sleeping in makeup is one of the worst things you could do to your skin. We decided to delve into exactly what sleeping in makeup does to our complexions and the result is some pretty scary stuff. Let’s jump in.

What Sleeping in Makeup Does to Your Skin

Your Pores Get Clogged

Sleeping in makeup can cause some seriously clogged and the appearance of oversized pores. Also it can result in unnecessary exposure to ‘free radicals’ in the environment which can cause the breakdown of healthy collagen, resulting in fine lines on the skin. When you don’t remove your makeup, it embeds itself into your pores and can actually stretch the pore and make it look bigger. When you clean your skin and allow your pores to breathe, they will stay clean and healthy.

Your Skin Dries Out

The fresh makeup you put on in the morning can become a moisture-sucking machine by the time night comes around. Removing your makeup will give your skin time to re-boost its moisture levels. Sleeping in makeup interferes with the natural exfoliation process of the skin which can result in a dry, more dull complexion.  

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Your Skin Can Look Dull

Have you ever woken up, looked at your skin in the mirror and wished your skin looked brighter? Sleeping in makeup literally prevents cell turnover, which you need for healthy, youthful skin. All of the skin’s oils and dead skin cells are matted up against your pillow all night long and the natural turnover of new skin cells are weakened. Remove your makeup each night so your skin has a chance to repair itself while you sleep. Then, it has time to make new collagen and boost blood flow to the surface which gives your skin that radiant glow you have been wanting.

You May Get Acne Flare-Ups

When you wash your face, you work to get rid of dirt and oil, which prevents your face from breaking out. The makeup left on your skin can clog pores and lead to the development of acne. If you are already prone to acne or have oily skin, sleeping in makeup could worsen skin conditions.

No more sleeping in makeup. It’s time to cozy up to a nighttime skincare routine that will keep your skin looking clearer, youthful, and glowing.

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