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Why You Need to Make A “Skinvestment”

We could all do something to take better care of our skin. Whether it’s drinking more water, using better skin care products, committing to cleansing every night even when we’re too tired or don’t feel like it...

It’s time to change our habits and make a “skinvestment” - investing in our skin so that we can look and feel beautiful all of the time, for a long time.

How Can I Make a “Skinvestment”?

At LifeScape Premier we believe the treatment and care of your skin is an investment. Just like many things in life, our fitness, our careers, our children, in order to see positive results and achieve beautiful, healthy, luminous skin, you need to make an investment in it.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to your skin.

Surveys have found that 24% of women don’t always get the results they want from their skin care products. On top of that, nearly a third reported that they still have bottles of partially used products taking up space in their bathrooms. If you’re not achieving the results you want at home, it’s time to make your “skinvestment”.

The Role of Medical Aesthetics

It would be great if there was a fountain of youth to keep us looking young and healthy, but until it’s discovered, medical aesthetics can go a long way in helping you reverse the age-clock to reveal a glowing complexion.

With a dedicated treatment plan, you can achieve amazing results. Yes, you read that right, treatment plan. One facial won’t do the trick. You have to put forth the effort if you want to see the results. You don’t go to the gym and do one sit-up expecting to see a 6-pack tomorrow, do you?

Gym for Your Skin Membership

Medical aesthetics treatments are a process because your skin needs constant maintenance in order to preserve its beautiful glow. That’s exactly why we developed our Gym for Your Skin Membership.

Now, if your first thought is, “Regular facials? Sounds expensive.” You’re not alone. We see a lot of patients that feel the same way. But we aren’t the only ones that will tell you that regular facials are in your best interest.

Getting facials on the regular can be extremely beneficial for your skin. Facials don’t just treat and reverse current skin damage, but they can actually prevent future skin damage too. The products and procedures used in medical aesthetics treatments (which usually aren’t available directly to consumers) are powerful in fighting key signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, sagging, and dull skin. Plus, medical aesthetics professionals can teach you a lot about how to care for your skin properly so you can maintain the benefits of your facial. Caring for your skin goes way beyond daily cleansing.

Don’t Skimp On Your “Skinvestment”

When our patients discover what regular treatments will cost, some go on the hunt for cheaper alternatives - and nearly all end up regretting it. We cannot stress this enough, do not go for the cheapest treatment option when it comes to your skin.

Companies like Groupon are always promoting skincare deals, and we’ve seen patients come back worse than they started. If that’s the case, their treatment plan becomes even more expensive to reverse the damage. Plain and simple, don’t try to cut costs on something as important as your skin by trying cheap skin care treatments. You’ll end up spending more money and time in the long run.

If looking youthful and healthy is important to you, we urge you to make a “skinvestment”. If you’re feeling like this may be too much of an investment now, start setting aside a small amount each month, or look at alternative ways you could cut on other costs each month.

You won’t regret this investment because you’ll be well on your way to looking fresh-faced all the time.

After all, there should always be a budget for beauty.

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