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Concierge Medicine: 5 Powerful Patient Benefits

You probably don't bring a stopwatch with you when you visit your doctor, but if you did, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the length of time your doctor spends with you. The traditional...

LifeScape’s Aesthetician Destroys Fat Cells with UltraShape Power

We’ve all been there—when the scale seems stuck no matter how hard you’re pushing yourself at the gym or how well you’re eating. What gives? A little extra belly fat makes your jeans feel too snug...

Check Out the Environmental Working Group for Clean Living Guidelines

No one wants their fresh, healthy salad drizzled with pesticide.

4 Unique Mother’s Day Activities She’ll Remember Forever

Think about your mother. Picture her hands as they made thousands of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with just the right amount on each slice so it never got soggy. Remember the time you...

From Challenges to Transformation: A Patient’s Journey with LifeScape

Imagine you’re at one of the lowest points in your health. Your knees ache all the time, you’re unable to pursue the activities you once loved to do, and to make matters worse, you’re continuing...

Vitamin D and its Effects on Eczema, Acne & Sun Damage [Summary]

Ray of sunshine, I urge you: make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D.

2019 Phoenix Magazine Top Docs

Top Doc's Mission: Empower Brilliant Health Breakthroughs

Join us in congratulating Dr. Wilder, Dr. Strohman & Dr. Pozun for again being recognized as Top Docs with Phoenix Magazine for 2019. Read...

Picoway: A Revolutionary Treatment for Beautifying Your Skin

There's one question we know you’re dying to get an answer to:

How can I achieve glowing, beautiful skin?

We're Not Sold on This New Treatment for Depression (Here's Why)

Recently, the FDA approved a version of the "party drug" ketamine for use in treating severe depression in individuals whose bodies are resistant to the more commonly prescribed antidepressants,...