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LifeScape Recipes: Dr. Wilder’s Banana Cake

Something fun since we’re all cooking at home more! This cake is especially yummy served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

7 Habits to Super-Charge Your Immune System

At the pinnacle of extreme risk lies extreme opportunity. The novel Coronavirus presents an opportunity for all of us to prepare, and the bedrock of that preparation is self-care. All the...

Training for Your Centenarian Olympics

I love this concept of training for 100+ years from Dr. Peter Attia, a biohacker we follow who brilliantly researches and spells out the best ways for us to help you optimize your health!

Beating the Burn-Out Epidemic

Burn-out is a hot topic. Two-thirds of employees, many teens and young adults, and over 75% of physicians experience burn-out symptoms, not to mention the closely-related epidemics of addiction,...

We're Not Sold on This New Treatment for Depression (Here's Why)

Recently, the FDA approved a version of the "party drug" ketamine for use in treating severe depression in individuals whose bodies are resistant to the more commonly prescribed antidepressants,...