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6 Tips on Work Life Balance from a Mother of 9

No matter what your job is, maintaining a work life balance can be a real juggling act. Kids, no kids, romantic partner, or an adorable pug dog-baby, trying to find the right mix of time and energy can be difficult.

Many of us at LifeScape Premier are working parents, so we get it! We found major inspiration from this article written by Helena Morrissey, head of personal finance at a trillion dollar investment firm...and a mother of NINE children! If she’s doing it, we figure the rest of us can do it, too.

Here’s what she suggested for managing a work life balance (and keeping your sanity!).

6 Tips from a Working Mother of 9: How She Handles the Work Life Balance

1. Decide your own measure of success.

Make your own goals and stick to ‘em! Take the time to decide what really matters to you and what you truly value as a person. Then, consciously build your life around those values and needs. What makes you feel happy and fulfilled? Adjust your priorities accordingly.

2. It’s okay to ask for help.

When you need help at home (or at work), make sure to ask for it. No one can do everything by themselves, so let your partner (or a good friend or family member) know that you’re struggling and how they can assist you. Everyone wins when you’re honest about your needs and where you might need an extra hand. You’ll feel better and you’ll function better in everything that you need to do.

3. Get yourself a mentor.

Finding advisors and allies at work or at home can help you to navigate the present (and the future). A mentor can help you in both challenging times and in good times - they will be able to offer good advice from a place of experience, minus the emotional attachment to your situation.

4. Listen, and listen some more.

While being present at family events is important, the moments that take precedence are the ones where someone you love really needs you to listen. Whether your partner seems stressed or one of your kids seems unusually quiet, taking the time to start a conversation with them can make all the difference in the world.

By connecting with your loved ones and letting them know you’re all ears, you’ll be making big strides on the life-side of the work life balance.

5. Be kind to yourself - and be okay with the time you have.

Nothing good comes from beating yourself up. If you’re doing your best, then you’re doing your best! No one can ask more of you than that (and you should be good with it, too). Additionally, when you’re enjoying time at home or with loved ones, make sure you really stay in the moment. Don’t waste precious life moments wishing that you had more time or that you would’ve done something differently.

6. If you have kids, remember that they’re always watching.

We don’t mean for this one to sound creepy. We just want you to remember that no matter what, if you’re a mother or father, you have the opportunity to inspire your kids with your actions. No matter what you do, do it with joy. Kids feed off of joy and will ultimately appreciate the sacrifices you made for them and for yourself.

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