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Posted on / Bonnie Roill

Jump-Start Your Health With This 10 Day Detox

How long has it been since you felt really good? Take a minute to take a self-inventory of how you feel right now. Are you feeling tired, foggy, bloated, achy or blue? Are your clothes fitting a bit tighter than you’d like? Are you so used to feeling “off” that it’s your new normal now? If so, let me share with you how you can feel better in just 10-days by increasing your attention to what you eat.

With almost 40 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian, I created the 10-Day Detox with the Dietitian program to help people jump-start their diet toward foods that that keep them on the path of health and well-being.

This program blends the science behind clean eating, detoxification, stress-busting activities, and hormone resetting guidelines, combined to provide you with a blueprint for a healthier way of living.

How do you know if this program is a right fit for you? Read on to learn more.

What to Expect During the 10 Day Program

What can actually be accomplished in just 10 days?

This 10-day detox isn’t about starving your body, fasting, eating strange foods, taking energy supplements, or spending extra time in the bathroom.

You're going to use delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes. You'll  learn which products to ditch to reduce your exposure to chemicals, and simple practices to reduce stress and make clean eating your new eating lifestyle.

10 days sounds like such a short time, but actually you can experience benefits including:

  1. Resetting hormones in as little as 72 hours! For example, the hormone insulin is  receptive to changes in the diet that can result in lower blood sugar levels which means less time for your body to experience inflammation. 

  2. Increased energy through food selected,  stabilize blood sugar levels, and elevated mood.

  3. Stop the sugar monster! In 10 days you can reduce the cravings for sweet treats through learning the secret to balancing meals to keep blood sugar stable.

  4. Following the meal plan recipes will provide your body with the nutrients to assist the body’s processing of internal and external toxins. This can directly affect energy levels, brain fog, and may be the missing piece for losing those last 5 pounds.

  5. Discover unknown food sensitivities by the way your body responds to eliminating certain foods during the 10 days. Everything from happy tummies to a reduction in runny noses is possible.

What results can you expect after completing this program?

Your body is capable of incredible things if you give it the food and time to heal and adjust. Results are varied, but several amazing changes past participants have shared with us include:

  • An end to annoying sugar cravings in only 10 days! Taste buds turn over in 14 days so food high in sugar may taste overly sweet, but that’s a good thing!

  • Decreased dependency on caffeine beverages to start  the day or keep it going. The downstream effect of too much caffeine is the release of cortisol from the adrenal glands that can result in increased sugar cravings.

  • Reduction in gas and bloating leading to a flatter stomach for many detox participants.

  • Increase in energy! No more roller coaster blood sugar levels resulting in low mid-day energy.

  • A reduction in joint pain and stomach aches as participants discover the foods that cause these discomforts and stop eating them.

One of the most important changes participants experience is a shift in their mindset and an increase in self-efficacy. What does this mean? The results of the detox reinforces your belief that even in 10 days you can accomplish something when you fully commit to it.

Imagine how incredible you’d feel if you experienced even one of these changes - and if you go through this program you could experience all of them!

Why I’m so confident about the 10-Day Detox

I’ve personally participated in 3 detox programs, each with a unique time frame. Here’s what I’ve experienced through my “detox journey”:

  • I identified the food combinations for my breakfast meal that keep me focused and energetic throughout the entire morning.

  • I was introduced to new foods which have now become part of my daily meal plans.

  • Confirmed suspicions about certain healthy foods and their negative effect on my body.

  • Decreased my daily desire for “something sweet” to end a meal.

  • Stopped the mid-day drop in energy allowing me to do the things I need to do and the things I love!

It just goes to show even a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can learn new ways to enhance her life.

This is why I am so excited to share the 10-day Detox with the Dietitian program with you!

Who should join this 10-Day Detox program?

This program is for you if you’re looking for one or more of the following results:

  • Fallen back into old eating habits and want to return to a healthier way of living?

  • Looking to increase your daily energy?

  • Would like to lose belly bloat?

  • Wake up feeling refreshed?

  • Decrease joint aches and pains?

  • Stop sugar cravings for good?

Who shouldn’t participate in the detox?

As with any nutrition-focused health program, it’s always good to consult with your medical provider before participating. Some candidates who shouldn’t participate in this detox include:

  1. Pregnant or breastfeeding women

  2. Underweight people with a BMI of 18 or under

  3. Women/men with a history of an eating disorder  

  4. If you’re on a blood thinner like coumadin, may need to take precautions since the meal plan may increase your usual intake of green vegetables which can interfere with the metabolism of coumadin. It’s best to discuss this with your doctor before making any changes in your diet regarding green vegetables when on coumadin.

  5. Anyone on medication for diabetes or blood pressure will want to monitor their blood sugar and/or blood pressure. Work with your doctor to ensure your current medication dosage is appropriate during these 10 days. Rapid drops in blood sugar and/or blood pressure can be life threatening so be sure to discuss your plans for this 10-day program with your medical provider.

Are you ready to revolutionize how you feel by making a shift in your food and health habits? This program has served as the spark to lasting change and results for people just like you. Now is the time to start your transformation.

Are you ready to start eating cleaner today and feel the results in only 10-days? Click to sign up for the 10-Day Detox with the Dietitian program today!

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